Oxley Creek Transformation - Bridge and creek mouth

Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

Converting the corridor from a collection of grassy paddocks, quiet playgrounds, unkept green spaces, pocket parks, open wetlands and a string of former industrial sites into a vast multi-use parkland set to rival the world’s best urban spaces requires significant upfront construction funding and ongoing maintenance and management funds.

While Brisbane City Council has made a considerable investment in a strong parkland framework for Oxley Creek, additional funding streams will be required to grow and maintain the future parkland.

Economic hubs, known as 'destination hubs' or 'parkland edges', will leverage natural attractions that inject vitality and draw investment to the area. Up to five percent of the Oxley Creek corridor will host commercial activities and opportunities to generate revenue to fund park maintenance, new green infrastructure and regeneration projects.

'Destination hubs' will focus on recreation and business operations that are sensitive to the natural setting and complement existing land uses, such as education facilities, casual food experiences and nature-based tourism. Destination Hubs will utilise both flood-prone and flood-immune locations.

'Parkland edges' will redevelop land adjoining the corridor into primary revenue generators, such as clean industry business precincts. These redevelopments will also provide the opportunity to increase the green corridor through land dedications. Development will align with the vision established by Council’s neighbourhood plans for future development and the evolution of local neighbourhoods.

Oxley Creek Transformation will establish and manage destination hubs and parkland edges, prioritising revenue-generating sustainable investment outcomes. Revenue derived from long-term leases and commercial ventures will be invested back into the corridor to fund park maintenance, new green infrastructure and regeneration projects.

The Sustainable Economic Development Strategy will focus on:

  • Activation and recreation opportunities: Opportunities for free and user-pays recreation activities will be identified, assisted by engagement with adventure, tourism and recreation markets.
  • Investment attraction: Private investment partners will help expand the corridor’s recreation mix. Expressions of interest will be sought for commercial operations and partnerships that entice locals and visitors to gather, socialise, relax, play and connect with nature, while minimising environmental impacts.
  • Tourism opportunities: Domestic tourists accounted for more than 90% of visits to Australian nature reserves and conservation parks in 2017. Oxley Creek’s collection of green spaces and waterbodies has untapped potential to become a unique tourism offering for Brisbane.
  • Corridor partnerships: Partnering with existing and future corridor neighbours holds great potential to improve waterways and green spaces and activate corridor edges. Possible partnerships will be investigated to identify complementary land uses and activities that could come together for mutual benefit.


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