Oxley Creek Transformation - planting new trees in the corridor

Strategic Corridor Restoration Plan

The Strategic Corridor Restoration Plan (Restoration Plan) will direct rehabilitation efforts within the Oxley Creek corridor to ensure a holistic approach that maximises environmental benefits across the whole corridor.

The Restoration Plan will draw together the Master Plan’s key environmental strategies into a single, ongoing and long-term major initiative.

Key environmental strategies covered by the Restoration Plan will include:

  • waterway and bushland restoration
  • re-establishment of national, state and citywide significant vegetation communities
  • re-establishment of natural habitat and habitat connections
  • contaminated site rehabilitation works
  • stormwater management and treatment
  • planning for ongoing maintenance of improved lands
  • baselines and review points for measuring progress.

As a ‘living’ document, the Restoration Plan will set out prioritised upgrades and enhancements to waterways and key habitat areas, allowing for changes to priorities over time as initiatives are completed and new issues or opportunities arise.

Improvements delivered under the Restoration Plan will be undertaken by multiple stakeholders, including:

  • Oxley Creek Transformation project
  • Brisbane City Council
  • land owners and developers
  • environmental groups.

Community-based environmental groups and volunteers have been instrumental in revitalising degraded parks, bushland and waterways throughout the corridor. Volunteers have worked tirelessly for decades to bring life back to the catchment. Delivering the Restoration Plan successfully will be reliant on the continued involvement of already active environmental groups and volunteers.

The Oxley Creek Transformation project will support existing community efforts and new initiatives that enable community groups, schools and non-profit organisations to deliver practical, on-ground environmental restoration projects (both bushland and waterway) that harmonise with the direction set by the Restoration Plan.

Oxley Creek Transformation project support will include the provision of a facility for OCCA to base their operations.

Environmental Partnerships

A collective effort, undertaken by multiple stakeholders and the community, will be required to improve the health of both the Oxley Creek corridor and the catchment.

Building on Council’s commitment and support, a key focus to delivering the 20-kilometre transformation vision is the establishment of partnerships and collaboration opportunities to help restore the Oxley Creek corridor. 

The Oxley Creek Transformation project team is working with the landowner at 2105 Ipswich Road, Oxley, and an industry partner requiring a site for revegetation offset planting to deliver an innovative and collaborative environmental pilot project that will enhance and preserve land adjoining Oxley Creek.

It is proposed:

  • Over six hectares of land at the rear of 2105 Ipswich Road will be subdivided from the main lot, transferred to Brisbane Sustainability Agency and given back to nature.
  • One kilometre of creek frontage will be sensitively restored, rehabilitated and preserved to enhance the environmental values and characteristics of the site through the reinstatement of vegetation communities and natural habitat.
  • A programmed management and maintenance program will ensure the greatest success and longevity of the rehabilitation efforts.
  • An environmental covenant will be placed over the six hectares of restored land to ensure the ongoing preservation of this environmental outcome.

Rehabilitation efforts will benefit the environment and contribute to the transformation of Oxley Creek, as well as improve the amenity of the surrounding area.

This innovative environmental partnership and approach will be delivered at no cost to the Oxley Creek Transformation project and Brisbane City Council.

The first step in the process to revegetate and protect this land is a ‘Reconfiguration of Lot’, which has recently been submitted to Council for consideration.

To find out more about the vision for Oxley Creek Transformation, or to propose an environmental partnership initiative within the corridor please email admin@sustainablebrisbane.com.au

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