Oxley Creek Transformation - Red Shed and hikers walking to Oxley Creek Common

The Project

In 2016 Brisbane City Council announced the $100 million Oxley Creek Transformation project to revitalise the Oxley Creek corridor from the Brisbane River to Larapinta into a world class green, lifestyle and leisure destination.

The Oxley Creek Transformation project commenced in 2017 to guide the vision for the creek corridor, delivering a range of environmental, social and economic benefits to the community.

The Oxley Creek Transformation project is committed to:

  • reducing the impacts of industry and development on the creek and its surrounds
  • embedding flood resilience into the corridor
  • growing its rich network of green spaces
  • transforming Oxley Creek corridor into a vast multi-use parkland
  • attracting investment to unlock its economic potential
  • collaborating with business, industry, government and the community.

Our three goals will focus on the local environment, social/community and economy in the corridor.


The Oxley Creek Transformation project will deliver the framework of the future parkland corridor through its three goals which focus on the environment, social/community and economy.

These goals lead us to our future ideas for this corridor which will:

  • activate existing spaces and create new places for people to gather, relax, play and connect with others and nature
  • facilitate a deeper appreciation and awareness of nature, inspiring greater environmental conservation and demonstrating leadership in sustainability
  • establish economic hubs that leverage off natural attractions to fund revitalisation efforts, inject vitality and draw investment to the area
  • attract interest and investment to sustainably revitalise the corridor and boost the local economy.

The Oxley Creek corridor will be re-imagined as an urban playground, an incubator of innovation and a sanctuary for wildlife. This transformation will showcase some of city's natural assets and unique bio-diversity values.

Our core focus is to plan, collaborate and create.

The core focus for Oxley Creek Transformation is to:

  • plan – synthesise ideas and opportunities and explore innovations to design for the future
  • collaborate – partner with the community, industry, businesses and government stakeholders to achieve a common vision
  • create – establish new lifestyle and leisure destinations and the systems they need to flourish.

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