Manila Water Visit to Oxley Creek Common

Manila Water Visit

In January 2018 the Oxley Creek Transformation (OCT) Team met with a delegation from the Manila Water Company, Philippines. Organised by Brisbane’s International WaterCentre, Manila Water were keen to gain an understanding of OCT’s processes for developing the Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan.

Manila Water provide both water and wastewater services to over six million people in the eastern areas of metro Manila. They have a strong sustainability agenda, with a focus on both preserving water resources and improving wastewater disposal practices. Manila Water’s target is to achieve total sewerage coverage of their service area in order to combat direct sewerage releases into waterways and in doing so, contribute to restoring the water quality of the three major rivers in metro Manila.

Along with discussing the Master Plan process, the OCT team led Ferdinand dela Cruz (Chief Executive Officer) and Virgilio Rivera (Chief Operating Officer) on a tour of the Oxley Creek Common, explaining the importance of the Common as a bird habitat and a key flood water storage basin. They were impressed with the facilities provided by the State Government, as well as the ongoing rehabilitation work of the Oxley Creek Catchment Association, Friends of Oxley Creek Common and other community groups. After hearing about the degraded state of Oxley Creek, Ferdinand and Virgilio had expected to visit a waterway full of floating rubbish – something common in the Philippines. The OCT team explained that the combined efforts of regular waterway clean-ups, awareness programs and stormwater system rubbish filtering devices meant less floating rubbish in the creek.

Meetings like this demonstrate the level of interest the global water community has in Oxley Creek and the importance of the ongoing work of dedicated groups like the Oxley Creek Catchment Association.

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