Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre nature play space

Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre – case study

Karawatha Forest is located 18 kilometres south of Brisbane's CBD and is approximately 900 hectares in size. The land-bridge linking Karawatha Forest and Compton Road to bushland encourages wildlife to move safely within the area.

The Karawatha Discovery Centre and nature play space within the forest reserve aims to inform locals and visitors about the environmental significance of the local area, provide a meeting space for local environmental groups and encourage visitors to enjoy the natural forest surroundings.

Inside the Discovery Centre, you can find an interactive frog habitat floor projection, which highlights the important protection Karawatha Forest provides for sensitive, endangered ecosystems and species. There are 25 amphibian species found at Karawatha Forest.

Outside is Queensland’s first nature play space which includes water play, climbing features, discovery trails and sculptural artworks. The nature play space aims to reconnect visitors with nature through outdoor play. Features in the play space include an outdoor craft and learning table and live stick insects and frogs. There are various events held in this space, including gardening and composting activities for kids, nature walks and yoga.

This local case study is helping Oxley Creek Transformation with ideas for our corridor, such as:

  • providing visitor centres with information and education about local fauna and environmental values
  • creating unique nature play spaces and experiences that incorporate features such as climbing rocks, forts, balance logs and bush areas for exploring
  • utilising existing open spaces to create community hubs, picnic areas, recreational attractions and public facilities for visitors to enjoy
  • upgrading multipurpose trails and circuits connecting parkland areas for cycling, walking and horse riding opportunities.

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