Corinda State High School students

Corinda State High School Workshop

On the last week of May, the Oxley Creek Transformation (OCT) Team met with year 11 students from Corinda State High School to discuss the OCT Project. Discussion with the students focussed on how improvements within the Oxley Creek corridor could contribute to liveability within the surrounding communities.

Creating Liveable Communities is about forming physical and social environments that contribute to the happiness and health of residents of every age, in all life stages. A key attribute of a Liveable Community is connectivity - Creating connections and connecting Communities – in both the physical and social sense. Examples of these kinds of connection include:

  • access to public and active transport networks
  • provision of recreational infrastructure for people of all abilities
  • access to areas of natural beauty; access to information on the history of a place
  • access to community facilities, local groups and community organisations
  • and access to digital information on local events, activities and opportunities to be involved in community life.

It was great to engage with such a lovely group of young adults and gain a youth perspective on the project. The questions and discussions with the students were insightful and challenging. This was a group of students that Corinda State High should be very proud of.

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