Oxley Creek Transformation - Girls walking to Nosworthy Park and Oxley Creek

The Greenway

Wander shady paths through eucalypt forests, stroll along boardwalks that cross wetlands brimming with birdlife, go frog spotting around still ponds or work up a sweat hiking bush circuits on The Greenway.

Stretching from the Brisbane River 20 kilometres to Larapinta, The Greenway is destined to become one of Brisbane’s most popular walking and recreational cycling trails and a tourism icon for the city.

Largely following Oxley Creek for its entire route, The Greenway will take walkers and cyclists through many different landscapes from serene wetland parks to open grasslands, untouched bushland pockets and small recreational hubs hosting ecotourism activities and community events. The trail will combine a mix of paved and bush paths, boardwalks and bridle trails.

The Greenway will become the central spine for moving through the Oxley Creek corridor, acting as the unifying physical element for all destinations. It will also provide easy access to side trails for bushwalking, birdwatching and horse riding and link into broader local walking and cycling networks.

Embellished with public artwork and interpretive signage, The Greenway will contain the essential wayfinding tools and information that visitors need to navigate the entire parkland. Traversing it will become the defining experience of visiting Oxley Creek.

The Greenway will:

  • be a multi-experience regional walking and recreational cycling trail
  • connect recreation, community and commercial hubs throughout the corridor
  • link with broader walking and cycling networks to connect local destinations and places
  • connect people with water and nature
  • provide educational experiences and interpretation of the corridor’s natural ecology and cultural heritage
  • provide opportunities for recreational horse riding
  • provide active transport connections between adjoining suburbs and the wider active transport network, improving the safety of walkers, joggers and cyclists
  • be delivered on parcels of land owned by Council or through collaboration with property owners
  • include creek crossings such as causeways and bridges allowing connections from adjoining suburbs
  • provide separated path facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in areas of high use
  • provide sections of pathway for all abilities access
  • contribute to Council's 50% shade coverage target for footpaths/bikeways in residential areas by 2031.

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