Graceville Riverside Parklands

Graceville Riverside Parklands

Oxley Creek Transformation is planning for parkland improvements associated with the Graceville Riverside Parkland (Parkland) located at Graceville Avenue and Nadine Street, Graceville.

Situated at the northern end of the Oxley Creek Transformation corridor, just seven kilometres from the CBD, and adjoining both Oxley Creek and the Brisbane River, the Parkland has the potential to become a significant gateway entry into the 20-kilometre recreation and environmental corridor as well as an exciting destination hub for community and visitors alike.


The Tennyson/Graceville Parklands Precinct (Precinct) includes the parks and open green spaces along Oxley Creek, from the Brisbane River to the Tennyson Rail Line. Planning for new community facilities, activities, green corridor connectivity and access to active and recreational trails within this Precinct is a key strategic outcome of the Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan.

Graceville Riverside Parklands, a key site within the Precinct, is set to become a key gateway entry into the 20-kilometre Oxley Creek corridor and a destination for water-based activity and recreation. We are excited to begin early consultation with key stakeholders and the community to generate ideas for the site.

Initial objectives for the Parkland include:

  • Improving visual and physical connections to the river and creek.
  • Upgrading the existing picnic and play facilities.
  • Improving the parkland’s vehicle entry and parking.
  • Acknowledging the possibility of flooding in the design and delivery of new Parkland infrastructure.
  • Maintaining and, where possible, supporting the enhancement of the existing local Club lease facilities.
  • Celebrating the mature trees located within the Parkland.
  • Supporting corridor-wide improvements to water quality, bank stability and riparian habitat.

Graceville Riverside Parklands Community Ideas Day

Oxley Creek Transformation hosted a ‘Graceville Riverside Parklands Community Ideas Day’ on Saturday, 30 November 2019 to seek the local community’s thoughts on the existing parkland facilities as well as ideas for new facilities and activities.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event and provided feedback and ideas for the future of the Parkland.

Next Steps

Following on from the Community Ideas Day and online survey, OCT will commence the development of a Tennyson/Graceville Parklands draft Precinct Plan in 2020.

Key Timelines


  • September 2019 - November 2019

    Key Stakeholder consultation.

  • November 2019 - December 2019

    Community Ideas Day and community consultation.

  • Early to mid-2020

    Development of Tennyson/Graceville Parklands draft Precinct Plan.

  • Mid 2020

    Tennyson/Graceville Parklands draft Precinct Plan online consultation.

  • Late 2020

    Finalisation of Tennyson/Graceville Parklands Precinct Plan.

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