Oxley Creek Common Red Shed and walkers

Draft Master Plan - Priority projects

The draft Master Plan proposes six priority projects to enhance and rehabilitate our most urbanised waterway. Six of the 14 strategic ideas presented in the draft Master Plan have been selected as priority projects and a focus for investment over the short to medium-term.

Projects have been selected for their ability to stimulate investment, catalyse development, engage the community and deliver environmental benefits. All require significant investment. Collectively, they will deliver the foundational elements of the future parkland.

You can read about each of the six proposed priority projects in detail by downloading the document:

Alternatively, you can read a summary of each priority project:

The Greenway

Stretching from the Brisbane River at Tennyson 20 kilometres to Larapinta, The Greenway is destined to become one of Brisbane's most popular walking and recreational cycling trails and a tourism icon for the city.

The Greenway will:

  • be a multi-experience regional walking and recreational cycling trail
  • connect recreation, community and commercial hubs throughout the corridor
  • link with broader walking and cycling networks to connect local destinations and places
  • connect people with water and nature
  • provide educational experiences
  • provide opportunities for recreational horse riding.

Oxley Creek Common Bird Sanctuary

Despite Oxley Creek Common’s urban location just seven kilometres from the CBD, one quarter of Australia's native bird species have been spotted onsite, along with migratory birds from as far away as Japan and Russia. The large open space hosts significant wetlands and is bounded on two sides by Oxley and Stable Swamp Creeks, which together provide habitat for diverse bird species.

Proposed facilities include:

  • a visitor centre
  • urban farming and commercial activities
  • linkages with local cafes, markets and food and beverage outlets
  • birdwatching infrastructure including bird hides, lookout towers and boardwalks
  • engineered habitats such as forests, ephemeral and permanent wetlands, lagoons and islands
  • upgraded walking tracks and facilities
  • shared paths through the Common
  • enhancements to the Red Shed
  • canoe and kayak launching facilities
  • a fenced dog off-leash area.

Archerfield Wetlands Parkland and Oxley Creek Recreation and Interpretive Centre

This project aims to restore the natural ecosystems across this site to expand and complement the existing wetland. This area's remnant pastoral lands will be transformed into a recreation, education and environmental parkland, in addition to creating a new visitor centre and community hub on the former Inala Wastewater Treatment Plant site.

Proposed ecological and biodiversity initiatives include:

  • revegetating and stabilising creek banks
  • improving water quality and aquatic habitat
  • reinstating wildlife movement corridors
  • remediating existing contaminated land north of the wetlands.

Proposed features of the new parkland and community hub will include:

  • an event and activity lawn with multifunctional performance space
  • picnicking, sports and non-motorised watercraft launching facilities
  • a network of walking, heritage and birdwatching trails that connect lookout towers, public artworks and interpretive cultural experiences
  • a link to The Greenway
  • a major visitor centre offering educational and interpretive experiences
  • a play space and youth hub utilising old plant infrastructure for creative play and sport
  • a community hub for local environmental and cultural groups
  • commercial activities leveraging the facility’s visitor, playscape and environmental features.

Nature-based Adventure Parkland

The new nature-based adventure parkland at Larapinta will combine creative play spaces for children with outdoor adventure recreation facilities for bushwalking, birdwatching, canoeing and picnicking.

The existing bushland reserve, a mostly natural area containing a series of picturesque lakes, will be expanded into a regional parkland.

Proposed facilities will include:

  • nature-based adventure play areas
  • lakeside boardwalks
  • non-motorised watercraft launching facilities
  • picnic areas
  • a visitor and/or community centre
  • multipurpose trails and circuits, connecting the parkland to The Greenway.

Strategic Corridor Restoration Plan

The Strategic Corridor Restoration Plan will direct rehabilitation efforts to ensure environmental benefits across the whole Oxley Creek corridor.

Key environmental strategies covered by the Restoration Plan will include:

  • waterway and bushland restoration
  • re-establishment of national, state and citywide significant vegetation communities
  • re-establishment of natural habitat and habitat connections
  • contaminated site rehabilitation works
  • stormwater management and treatment.

Improvements delivered under the Restoration Plan will be undertaken by multiple stakeholders, including Oxley Creek Transformation, Brisbane City Council, land owners and developers and environmental groups.

We will also support existing community efforts and new initiatives that enable community groups, schools and non-profit organisations to deliver practical, on-ground environmental restoration projects (both bushland and waterway) that harmonise with the direction set by this plan.

Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

Environmentally friendly economic hubs within, and along the edge of, the Oxley Creek corridor will help fund its ongoing transformation.

Economic hubs will leverage natural attractions that inject vitality and draw investment to the area. Up to five percent of the Oxley Creek corridor will host commercial activities and opportunities to generate revenue to fund park maintenance, new green infrastructure and regeneration projects.

The Sustainable Economic Development Strategy will focus on:

  • activation and recreation opportunities
  • investment attraction
  • tourism opportunities
  • corridor partnerships.

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