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As a subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council, Oxley Creek Transformation is required to release Annual Reports, and other documents to the public. We also publish our Strategic Reports, Master Plan documents, including background information and sources and our customer charter.

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The Annual Report

View the Oxley Creek Transformation’s Annual Report 2017-18, including a summary of achievements over the past financial year.


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The Strategic Plan

Find out more about our vision, our goals and our focus by downloading the document:


Community and stakeholder engagement charter

Oxley Creek Transformation is committed to conducting stakeholder and community engagement activities in line with the following set of principles:

  • Building long-term relationships: We act in an honest, open and respectful way to build strong partnerships and trust with our stakeholders.
  • Integrity and transparency: We provide clear communication on our engagement processes and incorporate feedback in our decision making process.
  • Accessible and inclusive: We offer a diverse range of engagement processes, accessible and appropriate for our stakeholders, to encourage effective participation and awareness of our work.
  • Timely and coordinated: We provide ample opportunities for stakeholders to be well-informed and provide input.


Board of Directors

The Oxley Creek Transformation Board provides strategic direction and high-level advice to the company. Find out about the Directors and their experience.

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