Oxley Creek Transformation - Archerfield Wetlands grasslands

Archerfield Wetlands Parkland

The Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan identifies the Archerfield Wetlands Parkland and Interpretive Centre as a Priority Project to create a major new recreation, education and environmental parkland for the region.

Once an industrial precinct, a site for wastewater treatment and waste disposal, and a source of pollution for Oxley Creek, Archerfield Wetlands is being given back to nature and rehabilitated into an environmental asset and a recreational destination.

Archerfield Wetlands encompasses approximately 140 hectares of low-lying green space located between the Ipswich Motorway, Oxley and Bowhill Road, Durack. The new parkland will create a key central gateway to the Oxley Creek corridor, eventually linking with other recreation and activity hubs to the north and south.

Parkland features

Proposed features for the new parkland include:

  • restoration of natural ecosystems across the site to expand and complement the existing wetland
  • establishing a network of walking, cycling and birdwatching trails that link with The Greenway
  • a visitor/community centre offering educational, cultural, interpretive and community experiences
  • a play space and youth hub utilising old waste water treatment plant infrastructure
  • a community hub for local environmental and cultural groups
  • commercial activities leveraging the facility’s visitor, playscape and environmental features.

View the details, including a map, of the proposed ideas for the Archerfield Wetlands Parkland and Interpretive Centre from the Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan:

Current visitors

Cattle are temporary residents in contained areas of Archerfield Wetlands to help with vegetation management while the Oxley Creek Transformation Project team undertake detailed planning for the site in conjunction with the our technical consultants, key stakeholders and the community. 

Next steps

The first step in planning for this area is to develop an overarching Precinct Plan for the site that establishes a clear direction and vision for the parkland. Oxley Creek Transformation has recently commenced the preparation of the Precinct Plan, including the establishment of a team to conduct site analysis, technical studies and an overall concept design for the parkland.

Over the development of the draft Precinct Plan, engagement with key stakeholders and the community will help shape the Precinct Plan by providing valuable local insight and feedback.

Delivery Timeline

  • Mid 2019

    Release of draft Precinct Plan for community feedback

  • Late 2019

    Incorporation of community feedback and release of final Precinct Plan

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