Archerfield Wetlands Boardwalk

Archerfield Wetlands Parkland

Archerfield Wetlands, a priority project identified in the Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan, will become a major new recreation, education and environmental parkland.

Once an industrial precinct, a site for wastewater treatment and waste disposal, and a source of pollution for Oxley Creek, Archerfield Wetlands is being given back to nature and rehabilitated into an environmental asset and a recreational destination. 

Precinct Plan 

The Archerfield Wetlands Precinct Plan has been released following community consultation on the draft Precinct Plan earlier this year. The plan establishes the vision, priority actions and improvements to transform 150 hectares of underutilised green space into a one-of-a-kind recreational destination and environmental asset.

Community feedback received during the four-week consultation period held earlier this year has been incorporated, with the inclusion of a one-kilometre Wetlands Discovery Trail, a canoe and kayak destination and the provision for cultural and interpretive experiences to enable the community to appreciate the site and its history.

The Precinct Plan also balances protection of the natural environment with community access to open green space and recreational facilities through the establishment a 60 hectare Wetland Conservation Area that designates 65% of Archerfield Wetlands for conservation and vegetation management.

Parkland Features

Archerfield Wetlands will be host to a multitude of new facilities for the community to connect with nature and each other, including:

  • A network of boardwalks and walking trails that link with The Greenway.
  • Community, educational and commercial hub.
  • Large adventure play space and multi-use games court.
  • Event lawn and informal amphitheatre.
  • A canoe and kayak destination along the creek.
  • Facilities for the Oxley Creek Catchment Association.
  • Public artworks, bird hides and lookouts.
  • Elevated outlooks with views across the wetlands.

Download the Archerfield Wetlands Precinct Plan: 

Community and Stakeholder Feedback

The Archerfield Wetlands Precinct Plan was developed in consultation with the local community and key stakeholder groups and publicly released on 17 June 2019 for a four-week community engagement program until 15 July 2019.

More than 150 feedback responses were received that reflected a 90.3% level of agreement with the draft Precinct Plan. This feedback was considered in the process of finalising the Precinct Plan.

The community engagement summary report outlines the draft Precinct Plan engagement process and provides a summary of the feedback received. The report also provides information on the key changes that were made to the Precinct Plan in response to community feedback.

Download the Community Engagement Summary Report:

Current Visitors

Cattle are temporary residents in contained areas of Archerfield Wetlands to help with vegetation management while Oxley Creek Transformation undertake detailed planning for the site in conjunction with our technical consultants, key stakeholders and the community.   

Next Steps

Oxley Creek Transformation will now progress with detailed planning for Stage 1 of the Precinct with construction of the first stage expected to commence in 2022.

Key Timelines

  • 17 June 2019

    Release of Archerfield Wetlands draft Precinct Plan 

  • 17 June - 15 July 2019

    Community feedback on draft Precinct Plan 

  • Late 2019

    Incorporation of community feedback and release of final Precinct Plan

  • From 2020

    Detailed planning, design and delivery of Stage 1

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